14 Mar 2011

Pray for Japan

It's amazing how we sleep with no worries and with good faith to wake up the next morning and get busy wits h our routine life. Man is so selfish and so engrossed in his life that he fails to remember that he is mortal. He forgets that he is nothing but made out of a drop of semen and will be buried under the earth one day. We must, at all times, remember this and fear the All-Knowing, Allah, to forgive us for our selfishness and help us stick to the righteous path. We must pray for the well-being and His Divine mercy and compassion upon us humans for we need it the most and not He.

We must be thankful to Him for every second of our lives and His countless blessings that He showers upon us at all times. For he keeps us safe, has given us family and friends,  has given us a home and that does not even equal a drop of water of what He has given to us humans. We must learn and must do, thank Him at all times, be it good or bad.

May Allah help the Japanese people, who have probably seen nothing less than the day of Judgement (The Qayamah). May Allah give them strength and courage to be resilient. Our heartfelt prayers go out to the people of Japan and all those affected by the tsunami. May Allah be with them in this dire situation. Amen.

9 Mar 2011

Pk v/s New Zealand

So, like always, whenever the Pk cricket team comes to the ground, the whole country sits in front of their television sets full of high hopes from the team. Once again, today, When Pk landed in the ground against NZ, everyone was geared  up for a win, looking at the previous performances, but then, our team is the most unpredictable.... isn't it? So yeah, we lost, and lost bad. Losing is okay, but losing with such indecency if someone may call it, is just not acceptable.

We must criticise the team for its bad performance, but, and I repeat, but it is in no way justified to use foul language for a player or his acquaintance especially. It was extremely saddening to see such foul language being used for Kamran Akmal's mother. Is that what we learn at home? Is that what we learn at school? Before pointing at what Akmal has been upto, we must, we must look at where we are, where we are going. He sure is in a better place than us for atleast one reason, and that's he is representing Pakistan, our country, our people. What are we doing? Just opening up our facebook pages and giving abusive remarks about he should "go to hell", putting the jist of it in the least offending manner.

Yes, our team did show a pathetic performance, dropping catches and giving NZ a treat by losing from 110 runs. Perfectly Pathetic. Well, winning and losing, is part of the game, and anyway, I read it somewhere a while back that New Zealand won because it was Women's Day! :)

See you around,

and a Happy Women's Day to all the lovely ladies out there! We know how cool we are! :)