8 Mar 2012

Pacifying the Rage - Anger Management Tips to Your Rescue!

You wake up in the morning only to find that you’re late for work. You jump out of the bed and get ready like a superperson and head out to work. Half way through you realize you forgot your mobile phone at home. You go back home to collect it only to get stuck in traffic. Wow – that’s a great start of the day! Naah… just kidding!

These are normal instances and most of us go through this once in a while…. However, it sometimes gets really out of hands and instead of keeping our cool, we lose it. The temper goes- BOOM!!!  And the next person in “the line of fire”, as I say it, becomes the victim of your anger. You don’t think, you don’t realise and you probably are least bothered about the person you fire at. You also fail to realise that the person you’re venting your anger at, just like you, can react aggressively.

Anger can be dangerous. It can be cutting. It can hurt. It’s like a burning match stick that has the power to spread far across and ruin whatever becomes in its way. So how do you prevent anger? The truth is, that you can’t get rid of it. It’s a very natural feeling for anyone. However, the way you deal with anger is what’s important. It can be either be productive, or destructive.

Perhaps, we all want to know how to manage this utterly notorious emotion. It can’t be eradicated, but yes, you can always learn to overcome it – in a good way- positively. Yeah yeah, keep reading :P Check these tips that may help you retain your calm in a jiffy!

Relax and Imagine

Okay, it’s not as easy as it sounds. We all know that! Listen to your favourite music, shut out the lights in your room, lye down and close your eyes. Think – think about what caused the anger so you can prevent a serious situation next time you get enraged. More importantly, think about positive things  Utopia –It definitely helps – tried and tested! Make your imagination go wild. Beautiful mountains, lush green lawns, crystal clear beaches…. Just pure natural beauty… such thoughts are extremely soothing and can relax your brain.

Count Count Count

I just am not very good at math. I am not good at numbers. Perhaps, most of us find it horrid. Right, aren’t I? :D Well, even though it has followed us like a witch through entire school years (yeah, just like the dementors follow Harry Potter), basic counting can work as a magic wand to bid farewell to anger, or at least, make it less intense. Just count from 1 to 10 – slowly, with every deep breath – and you’ll notice a significant decrease in your anger level.  This happens because as you count, you deep down gauge the cause of anger. So the next time you are about to burst out at someone, use this trick before your utter a single word.

Drink lots of Water

Water is a natural healer. It’s great for both the mind and body. It flushes away toxins, purifies your body. It also pacifies your anger. It just has an over all calming effect on the body.  So when they say 8 to 12 glasses of water every day are a must, they obviously say it for a reason – and the reason is that its good for your health! Oh and for all those weight consciious people, water makes you feel fuller and helps burn those unwanted calories. Do I see a happy face? :D Say yes! :P

Just Let Go

Yeah, that’s easier said than done for many of us! You must learn to get go of things. You don’t want to hold on to grudges. What good are grudges? The only person that a grudge can bother and irritate is yourself. If you think the person you are angry at- too bad because you’ve got that wrong, buddy! So basically, let go of it. You’ll feel better, lighter, and happier! J

All these tips can help pacify your anger, but you remember that you need to be patient too. It's difficult, but not impossible. I've got a few more anger management tips in line which I will share with you soon. For now, this much should suffice. I am sure you can't use all of them at once. Just keep trying. You can overcome your anger. You have power over you. You can control you. Do not let anyone or anything ruin your day. 

stay happy always and keep smiling! :)

Have a good day,

much love!

P.S: If nothing works, go punch someone in the face. Naaaah! Just kidding! :D 

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