25 Nov 2011

Imran Khan – The Pros and Cons

It is rightly said that history repeats itself. Just like back in 2007 when the PPP fame was on its peak and the masses were full of emotions, hopes and expecting fruit, similar emotions today are for Imran Khan.
I do not criticise any single being for supporting Imran Khan or otherwise. I have only one question. Why are we all for him? Do we have absolute reason, or is it again, just like a few years back, thanks to our herd mentality?
Imran Khan as a personality is strong headed focused and he talks pretty much sense. Yes, to most he does, but what different is he promising than what other politicians did in the past? Kicking off USA, halting corruption at all levels, power to the people, food, shelter, and clothing, peace....???
The fan following he has is majorly the urban educated class but ermmm... does that account for the majority of the nation? Don’t think so. The majority of the pakistani population is from the rural areas which means Khan has slim chances to win (ok, no offense to him and his supporters). But of course, then we have our absolute corrupt system... maybe he’ll use that... you don’t go vote, but your vote has already been cast and, even that - TWICE!
Well, Good luck to him! He sure has a huge fan following... but there are always apprehensions... the others have a lash, he doesn’t!
The decision is up to you and somewhat to the election committee! 


  1. Pakistani politics and pakistani cricket are two most unpredictable things we have :p we all are trusting Imran Khan blindly right now (though m nt trusting him :p)..lets hope he does not break the nation's trust like the other politicians...lets hope that the party stays united and sincere to the people

  2. True Sumaiya, I just hope he lives upto the nation's expectations. :)

  3. Imran Khan is new, educated, and charismatic. Our population doesn't possess the "herd mentality," that's just democracy for you. But I understand your speculation. Then again, there isn't much we CAN do. Interesting post.

  4. Thanks. Yes, there isn't much that we can do.

  5. I guess the problem I see with PTI and Imran Khan is that he has gathered too many cooks in the kitchen and most of them have just changed sides for the sake of power