18 Jan 2012

Rolling Back to the 90's

Just a little while ago, I was looking around for some stuff and found an old phone; you know those handsets with cords – that are now almost extinct. I just couldn’t help but get a flashback of the most amazing time, when life was simple, there was less communication, thanks to the lack of mobile phones, and hence, less tussles. Whereas now, when we have the internet which is easily accessible anywhere and everywhere – whether it’s your laptop, tiny mobile phone, or your little tablet that makes sure you have internet – or I’d rather say, Facebook -right next to you, in your pocket!
So here are some of the most memorable things (ermm... that should be the right word, yeah? : P) that I can recall – and here goes!

 Ainak Wala Jin – there is not a single person who has grown up in the 90’s (well, it’s okay to be jealous if you weren’t part of the 90’s fever) who wasn’t crazy for this programme. All of us remember Bil Batori (my fav, lol )

Captain Planet – okay! That was my favourite cartoon. He was quite a hunk :P and there was Mother Earth who I used to find pretty scary for some reason because of her long silver hair. (-!-)
 TV – Yeah, the television sets were so HUGE and heavy and it used to be one heck of a task to switch between channels since there were no remote controls back then. Wow, the children nowadays sure have some luxuries! :/

They played movies in the afternoon as far as I can remember, every other day. (I can recall a bit as my daado used to watch them with great interest, and I often used to get a scolding too if I disturbed her in between, lol. Miss her :( )

Everyone in the family used to sit together and watch the same program, whether its a boring 9pm news bulletin that started off with “ sadar ne kaha, wazeer e aala ne kaha..” and so on or whether it was some drama serial.

Oh and yes – the dramas were absolutely amazing! – Tanhaiyan, Ankahi, Sitara Mehrunnisa, Dhuaan, Alpha Bravo Charlie, Dhoop Kinaray and others.

AND last but not the least -there was no iPhone, Blackberry, Xbox, AND there was no Facebook – life was just a better place!

I am pretty sure you have  hundreds of other things popping up in your mind right now and you have a BIG smile on your face recalling those times like this --- > :-D 

I just thought I’d share up some stuff, been a while since I posted

Happy reading! :D




  1. Love this!
    I was crazy about Captain Planet.. although Tom and Jerry Kids used to be favourite cartoon. and heyyyy there Were remote controls for TV back then :P

  2. haha, thanks mz! yes! tom n jerry is still my fav :D

  3. I can totally relate with each and everything u mentioned. Only music videos we used to watch were played by Music Channel Chart on STN. Ninja Turtles,Manimal, Gumbi, so many other cartoons I still miss. Your blog truly brought wide smile on my face.

  4. It did bring a smile to my face ---> esp bil batoori ! :D